Coffee Talk: February 2018 Edition

Good morning and happy Friday!  I am so excited for this taste of spring weather we’ve had this week.  I mean, I do want to acknowledge the cold start to the week and the chilly temperatures for tomorrow, but yesterday’s sunny, 70+ degree day was such a great mood booster! I am so excited to share my February 2018 Coffee Talk edition.

Taylor Kitsch (aka Tim Riggins) forever, y’all.

I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning again recently.  I am trying to be mindful of self-care and respecting my health and my own needs, but I really hate feeling like I am bailing or letting people down.  So, I am really working on continuing my practice of saying no and being more present, and giving myself grace.  TBD if this helps alleviate some of the stress I’ve really been feeling these past two weeks.

It’s taken me a while to formulate thoughts and words in regards to the shooting in Parkland, Florida.  As a former high school teacher and public school employee, it breaks my heart that we are still having this conversation.  I am so tired of hearing “thoughts and prayers.”  It’s time we start having conversations outside of “moments of silence” and other useless words and start giving our kids the safety they deserve.  Our future generation deserves better.

Coffee Talk: February 2018 Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

I posted this photo from Sunday on my Instagram and got several messages and comments in regards to my hair.  I recently received Monat hair products to review, and I gotta say, they’re great products that last a long time.  I really love the blow out cream and refinish control hair spray.  I definitely recommend giving them a try!

I’m planning for one of our spring trips to a part of the Outer Banks I’ve never been to before, and I am really loving this bathing suit option.

I’ve recently started catching up on Hellbent Podcast and I gotta say, I am loving it.  One of my grad school classes this semester is on development geography and it really hits on a lot of the topics that I passionately discuss each week in the course.

DG & I are going to start updating our master bedroom soon, and I am looking for dark gray paint options.  I’d love for you to comment with recommendations.  In our first house, we updated our bedroom first, but in this house, since it’s so open, we started updating all the living spaces first.  I have to admit I’m most excited about updating our bedroom so we can finally upgrade our mattress.  So, if you have recommendations on good mattress brands, I’d love for you to send those over, too!

We are going out to dinner tonight for date night and we’re looking for somewhere in Raleigh to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather.  I have been feeling like we’re in a restaurant rut, so what new restaurants should we try in downtown Raleigh?

On my most recent visit to Paintbase, I got this color on my hands and this color on my toes, and I am really loving the Lisbon collection for spring!  Hannah posted about her favorites which really encouraged me to try these new colors.

My friend Em over at The Flourish Market is hosting a really cool opportunity to support women this weekend.  I am so proud of Em and her mission, and I am even more excited for the opportunity to be a part of this.  In this time of the #metoo movement, I find it even more important to be part of opportunities like this.  I hope you’ll consider donating items, too!

Alright, y’all!  Thanks for following along.  I hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!  I am so looking forward to getting caught up on some work, and maybe, just maybe, learning how to work my new Macbook Pro.


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