Weekending: Chicago Recap

I’m sure you are so tired of hearing about how excited I was to get to Chicago, but y’all, I haven’t traveled much.  This was my first trip flying by myself.  Besides Cancun, I haven’t been off the east coast in my travels.  So the fact that I went by myself was even more of a thrill.

I flew into O’Hare Friday night.  Lauren & Katie picked me up from the airport and we ordered take out deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s.  OMG, is it amazing!  And… fun fact, they ship.


Saturday, Lauren and I got up and grabbed coffee and a morning bun from Intelligentsia.


We met Katie at Hash House a go go.  It is seriously insane food!


We spent the afternoon touring around Chicago neighborhoods, shops, and Millenium Park.








We went to LP Stadium and got truffle tater tots.

We went and got changed and then headed out to dinner at RM Champagne Salon.


Classic Flatbread (only because it had bacon)
Burger Americain
Sunday, we went and toured Southport.  There are the most adorable little shops and restaurants.  We went back, showered, and went to dinner at RMP Italian, Giuliana & Bill Ransic’s restaurant.  It’s lots of small plates so we tried a lot and got to share.






I won’t lie, I thought the restaurant was going to be super touristy and ridiculous, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The food was excellent and the service was also great.  Giuliana & Bill also made an appearance to have dinner and stood right by our table for approximately 2 minutes.  My girlfriends were dying of happiness.
Monday, I went exploring by myself while Katie and Lauren worked.
Lincoln Park After Dark in Lincoln Park 



This guy was such a show off.  I got a video of him roaring for about 15 seconds.


These two baby gorilla are so precious.



I met back up with Lauren and we did a little more exploring and got cheese tots and bacon macaroni & cheese. I also went and got a few Chicago themed items for DG & Winston.
I loved the architecture of the city.
Monday night, Katie, Lauren, Brittany, and I went to the Augustana concert at Park West.  Augustana had Colony House open for them who were seriously impressive.  Augustana is even better in person, too!
I am so happy I had the opportunity to go visit!  Chicago is beautiful, clean, and so exciting.  I can’t wait to go back and take DG with me.

17 thoughts on “Weekending: Chicago Recap

  1. Joey

    What an AWESOME trip lovie!! So glad you got to take some time and be with your girls! AND SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD!! Totes jealous!

  2. Amanda Bullard

    I am sooo thrilled you had such an amazing time! I did think of you this weekend when we were in the windy mountains….that chick is in the windy city I'm not complaining! Beautiful pics and girl….foooooood!

  3. Hannah @ Champagne in the South

    Holy toledo that food looks amazing! Jared and I have a wedding to go to next summer near Chicago and I can't wait to stuff my face. Oh and see the sights of course! Come next June I will definitely be reaching out to you!

    So happy you had such a good time!

    PS I'm jealous you have tall friends. I always tower over my friends, and flats are always a must when I'm around them.

  4. BLovedBoston

    What a fun trip and that food I'm drooling right now!! I love that you had tater tots not once but twice on this trip…can I just come eat with you every time you go somewhere?!! So glad you had a wonderful time and happy to hear your first solo trip was a success!

  5. Caroline Fleenor

    I'm glad that you had fun here! The zoo and LP Stadium are not far from where I live. I have been wanting to go to RM Champagne and RPM too. The store that I work at is on Southport too. 🙂

  6. MakeMeUpMia

    I'm insanely jealous G & B were there!! My friend and I went last year, Giuliana is my favorite person ever so I was praying they'd be there but nope 🙁 We loved the food too, it was so tasty and they had a special Nutella type dessert that was so good!! Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  7. Katie Elizabeth

    Love!!!!! So glad you had such a great trip and looks like the weather cooperated with you, too! I agree – I totally thought RPM was going to be a tourist trap but the food is amazing! And how cool that G&B were there! I never ran into them in 4 years of living there, still sad about that!

  8. Mree

    What a fun trip. I'm so glad you had a good time. Love all the pictures. I have never been to Chicago but want to so badly. One day.

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