Flying into Date Night

Back in the spring, DG and I made a decision to get healthy again.  We’re both pretty active, but not consistently.  So, we started to try incorporating healthy activities into our date nights.  Sometimes it’s a long walk around the local lake with our two furballs, but other times, it’s a fun night of exercise at FlyWheel followed by dinner at a restaurant in Cameron Village.


The wheel classes are fun because you can see your stats right on the screen and if you’re anything like us, it’s a fun way to compete with each other.




But barre classes are a fun way to get him active, too!  DG made fun of me once when I came home from class because he thought I should be a sweaty mess.  But after taking this class, he quickly realized it’s not nearly as easy as he thought!




The FlyWheel in Cameron Village is right beside Brixx Pizza, which is a great place to hit after a solid workout!  If I’m being honest, I work out so I have less guilt about what I eat and drink.




Have you ever done workout classes with your significant other for a date night?  Would you?


Hope you’re having a great week!




Photos by Nieto Photography

Guest appearance by my husband (who said “You’re really awkward at this.”)


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11 thoughts on “Flying into Date Night

  1. Ashley

    When we were training for our 22 mile hike we spent a lot of day dates hiking trails at Raven Rock or a lot of nights walking the neighborhood. We both really enjoyed it!

  2. Lauren

    You two are so stinking cute. Love DG's big smmile in these pics. 🙂 Can you and I have a date night / workout next time I'm in town?! Miss you xoxo!!

  3. Kristen @ See You In A Porridge

    this sounds super fun 🙂 my husband and i go to the gym regularly together, but on saturdays we make a date out of it and eat out afterwards. it's always fun. i totally workout for the same reason.

    thanks for linking this post up with gretch and i 🙂

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