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I’ve been a big fan of BeautyCounter for about a year now.  I started using BeautyCounter when I started doing more research around the chemicals that I was using in makeup and skin care.  When I learned that the United States hadn’t updated their banned ingredients since 1938, I was appalled and began reading labels even more seriously.  After my year of using BeautyCounter, I was much happier with the appearance of my skin.  I was experiencing less breakouts and a brighter complexion.   And bonus, all the packaging is recyclable!  This is another point I try to be mindful of when purchasing products these days.

I did decide to kick my morning and nightly skincare routine by using the Countertime collection in Beautycounter.  In the morning, I use the Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser, followed by the Eye Cream,  Serum, and Day Cream.  In the evening, my routine is the Charcoal Beauty Bar, the Rejuvenating Toner, Eye Cream, Serum, and Night Cream.  I also generously apply the lip balm throughout the day and make sure to use at night, too.  And I never travel anywhere without my Rose Water Mist.

Have you tried BeautyCounter?  What did you think of your products?  I haven’t tried a BeautyCounter product that I haven’t loved and highly recommend the brand!



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