Do-It-Yourself Wood Boot Tray

Do It Yourself Boot Tray

With DG and me recently working through some home improvement projects, I also wanted to add a little functional upgrade to some of our home decor.  I saw a tutorial for this DIY boot tray on Pinterest, and decided to put my own spin on it.  I enlisted DG’s help, and I am really pleased with how this boot tray turned out for our back door.  In our next house, we’ll have a mud room, but for the time being, this is a really helpful set up by our back door.

Supplies Needed:

1″ x 4″ pine planks for sides
14″ x 36″ pine board for bottom
2 handles
4 Corner Braces
Wood Glue
Nail Gun


Do It Yourself Boot Tray

I got DG’s help in cutting the pieces of wood for this project.  He salvaged a bunch of boards, so this was really inexpensive for us.   He cut the 1″ x 4″ pieces into 2 x 38″ and 2 x16″ and angled each piece at 45 degrees.

Do It Yourself Boot Tray

Then, we assembled the bottom and the sides.  He used a nail gun to secure the pieces, and I followed up with wood glue to make sure the sides weren’t going anywhere.

Do It Yourself Boot Tray

Then we added wood pieces to the bottom to keep it level.

After we secured all the pieces, I painted the tray with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.  I picked up gold corner braces & two door handles from Home Depot to complete the look.


The entire project cost $25 and took about 2 hours of our time total.  It was much easier having DG help me make this, but it could be just as easy if you do this solo.  Also, it’s an affordable project and could be done with whatever scrap wood stain or paint you have around.  The hardware could be upgraded or you could make it look more industrial depending on the materials you choose for the handles.

Happy DIY-ing & happy almost Friday!

Do It Yourself Boot Tray


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