9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

9 Ways to Update a Boring Master Bath

Y’all, people aren’t exaggerating or joking when they say that it takes longer to do home improvement projects than what you estimate.  We started working on this bathroom over a month ago, and it’s finally almost ready!   This project started when DG wanted to do some work in the bathroom, and I wasn’t overjoyed about it.  I’ve been hoping to list our house sometime next year, so I haven’t wanted to pump too much money into it.  We agreed on $250 as a budget, and we were able to stay within that on materials!  I was shocked at how affordable it was, and also at how much I love it.

The only thing we have left is installing new lights.  We encountered a slight issue with this and are hoping to have it resolved this weekend.

Here are nine ways to freshen up a boring master bathroom:

One: Install a wood accent wall.

9 Ways to Update a Boring Master Bath

This is definitely the showpiece of the bathroom.  DG did his research and installed this wood wall in one day.  DG took this picture before we installed the chandelier, but you can see where we are in the process of installing the lights over the two mirrors.

Two: Freshen up the wall color.

9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

We had leftover paint from a project last year, and we love this color.  It transforms rooms but is the perfect neutral.  DG painted the walls and that alone made our bathroom look brand spanking new.

Three: Paint the vanity.

9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

I painted our vanity using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.  I used 3 coats on the cabinets and then 2 coats of clear Annie Sloan wax.

Four: Paint countertops.

9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

DG painted the countertops white to make the walls and vanity stand out.

Five: Frame mirror.

9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

With the scrap wood DG had left over, he framed the mirror.  He added industrial hardware to the edges.  He also took the mirror that our bathroom came with, cut it in half, and that saved us a lot of money!  He just used a hand glass cutter to do this work.

Six: Install new lighting.

9 Ways to Update a Boring Master Bath

Okay, so, as I mentioned above, there’s a slight hang up with this because of an issue in the wall.  But, we picked up these light fixtures to put over our mirrors.  I also bought a chandelier from Restore for $10, painted it, and used Edison bulbs.  I love the way it turned out.  Disclaimer: the bulbs cost us more than the chandelier did!

Seven: Change up the decor.

9 Ways to Update a Boring Master Bath

We added new memory foam mats in front of our sinks.  I also added a “sweet tea” scented hand soap, because duh.  I am obsessed with boxwood topiaries so I added a small one.  And then, I used Capri Blue candles to store our cotton balls & Q-Tips.  I picked up hand towels from Anthro last year and still am obsessed with the lace detail (similar here).

Eight: Install new hardware.

9 Ways to Freshen Up a Boring Master Bath

Our vanity cabinet doors didn’t have any hardware.  So, I decided to install handles to freshen up the look.  I really love the way this finished up the vanity.

Nine: Install new flooring.

9 Ways to Update a Boring Master Bath

This part was the most time consuming.  We opted for laminate wood flooring and I love the way it finished the room.  The flooring is perfect for having dogs, too.  Their nails aren’t scratching the surface.  DG cut and installed the flooring himself, but it definitely took a lot longer than he expected.  It is totally worth it, though!

Okay, so there you have it!  I can’t wait to share the official reveal, but I’ve been too excited to post this.

P.S. here are last fall’s home updates 1 // 2.

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  1. Jenn

    It looks incredible!!! How did he paint the countertop? I’ve painted the cabinets before but never thought about painting the countertop

  2. Marie

    Wow, that wall looks amazing!! It totally transformed the room. I cannot believe you two did this bathroom yourselves. The bathroom came out so great! Love the floor.

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