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Neatso AppHello, friends!  I hope you had a great weekend and are hopefully enjoying your day off today.  If you follow along on Snapchat and now Instastories, you may have seen we made a lot of progress on our master bathroom this weekend.  Today, hopefully our lights are being installed, and that means our bathroom will be completed!  There was a possibility we were going to have a house guest this weekend, and I was a little concerned that house would be a disaster since we still had items from our master bathroom in our guest bedroom & bathroom.

When I got confirmation that our friends would arrive over the weekend, I decided to use Neatso to book a home cleaning professional to help me prepare for our guests.  This month is busy for us, and we’ll be having guests off and on with DG’s birthday and just a few events I’ll have, so it was perfect to enlist the help of someone who could help me get the baseboards, window sills, and all the other areas I dread cleaning.

The process of booking a cleaning is really similar to getting an Uber.  First, I downloaded the app, and set up my account.  I love that there is an option for cleaning somewhere other than my house just in case I was hosting an event somewhere else and needed back up.Neatso App

I then was able to book the amount of time I wanted my cleaner to stay.  I chose 3 hours because I had very specific areas I needed help with and I felt that would be enough time.  There is an option for first available time, or you can book a time using a calendar.  I chose to book for the next day at noon.  That gave me time to wake up in the morning and get some clutter out of the way before our cleaner came over.  But how helpful would this be if you decided to have a get-together last minute and needed some cleaning done?

Neatso App

The service also gives you the option of using your own cleaning supplies or having the cleaner provide them.  There is also a space to provide information to the cleaner.  Since I was going to be home, I gave Chassie a tour and explained what I needed help with around the house.  However, if I hadn’t been home, this is where I would have left notes about what I needed help completing.

Neatso App

After completing this last step, I got a confirmation and my job was sent for someone to claim.  My job was picked up within 5 minutes of me completing my request.

Neatso App

The next day, I received a push notification of when my home cleaning professional was on the way, when my cleaning officially started, and when it was over.  DG and I were both incredibly pleased with our experience and will definitely be using it again in the future for parties we will host.  This is a great service to utilize before a last minute house guest or for help prepping for a party.  You could even use the service to prep for listing your house or moving out.

Neatso is used in the Triangle, but has expansion plans in the future.  If you live in the area, give Neatso a try with $15 off using the code imfixin15.  We can’t rave about the service enough & will definitely be using again!

I hope you’ll follow along on Instagram & Snapchat as we finish up our first home improvement project and transition to our next.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

I was given a free service in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that support I’m Fixin’ To.




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  1. Ashley

    This is so great! I just posted last week that I needed to hire a cleaning person!

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