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Antiques Emporium

One of my favorite things to do is to antique.  When I was growing up, my grandparents collected antiques and were always displaying their new finds around the house or the yard.  When I was in middle school, I asked my grandmother if I could one day have a crocheted bedspread she kept in my mom’s old bedroom.  She used to tell people at the local restaurant that she couldn’t believe I’d want such things being as young as I was.

When DG and I started dating, we started making weekly trips to antique.  We don’t do it as religiously as we used to, but it’s something we still enjoy doing together.  When I stumbled on Antiques Emporium in Cameron Village, I was over the moon!  I usually think of Cameron Village as the place to shop for fashion or to grab a bite to eat with friends, but never to antique.  My opinion instantly changed when I walked upstairs to Antiques Emporium.  At the top of the stairs, to the right, is an eclectic mix of furniture, jewelry, but also tea cups, glassware, and dishes.  I love looking at China patterns and have a mix matched selection of glasses in our house, so this really peaked my interest.   I love hobnail glass, milk glass, and anything with gold detailing.

Antiques Emporium Antiques Emporium

To the left of the stairs, there is a gorgeous selection of jewels, furs, chandeliers, furniture, dishes, artworkand other unique finds.   Antiques Emporium has a beautiful selection of vintage costume jewelry, the biggest in the Southeast!  Also, there are some gorgeous engagement and wedding band choices.  The staging of the products is swoonworthy.

Antiques Emporium Antiques Emporium Antiques Emporium

I mean, how gorgeous are those dishes?

Be sure to check out Antiques Emporium in Cameron Village for what’s sure to be a fun and unique adventure shopping!


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  1. Marie

    Oh I’m adding this to my places to visit when I finally make it down to Raleigh. It’s looking like it won’t be until next year. I was hoping to visit this fall but with work, it isn’t going to happen. Boo for having to work. Always gets in the way.

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