Friday Favorites: Halfway Through October

The Perfect Pumpkin Patch

This picture and this post have been two of my more popular posts and I couldn’t be more proud.

A Southern Snow

This picture (pre-Gizmo days) popped up on my Timehop yesterday, and I became really nostalgic, but also saddened by the flooding occurring in Eastern North Carolina as a result of Hurricane Matthew.  Some of these small, farming towns haven’t recovered from Hurricane Fran in 1999, and I am heartbroken about the devastation in my region.

Vote Y'all!

It’s the last day to register to vote in North Carolina!  Remember, we’re given an opportunity a lot of countries don’t give their citizens.  Don’t waste your voice!

Almost two years ago, DG built me a window seat.  I have been waiting for Rifle Paper Co. to debut their fabric.  Stay tuned for the looks of that!

Cafe Carolina Coffee

One of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee is at Cafe Carolina in Cameron Village.  When I was in college, I’d come up to Raleigh to visit girlfriends and we’d always have lunch at Cafe Carolina before shopping around.  It was walking distance from their dorms at State, so it was always easy to navigate.  Now, I will catch up on magazine reading (I just subscribed to the Magnolia Journal!) or grade papers or blog at Cafe Carolina.  Their coffee is delicious, and I like to treat myself to a cupcake.  Their signature blue icing is always a bright spot in my day!

Cafe Carolina Coffee

Cafe Carolina Coffee

Their outdoor seating is so quaint and the perfect spot for catching up with friends or for an afternoon of people watching.  Be sure to check out Cafe Carolina in Cameron Village the next time you’re looking for a coffee or lunch spot with your girls!

Photos by Nour of Perfect Moments

I’ve been on work overload again recently.  This weekend, I’m looking forward to a girl’s day with my boo Hillary and her precious son, in addition to catching up on cleaning, painting furniture, and trying to relax.  Life is too short to work from sun up to sun down, and I sometimes forget that.  Here’s to friends and taking a break this weekend!

P.S. Here’s a look at this week’s posts: a personal shopping experience with Anthro Durham, my trip to the local farm full of pumpkins, how to antique in Cameron Village, and faux leather and suede.


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