Weekending: The One with a Surprise

Weekending: The One with a Surprise

Good morning & happy Monday, friends!  Can you believe this is the last full week of January?  I sat down with my planner last night and I already have a full February.  Time really flies when you’re having fun and hustling.  This weekend was one of the best ones I’ve had.  I spent all day being pampered with my friend Angela before being whisked off to my surprise 30th birthday party.

I am still overwhelmed with emotion by my friends and family that came to celebrate, but I’m most impressed that my very sweet and thoughtful husband put this all together.  It was clearly and effort of love, and I am really taken aback.  And, to further the effort of love, he enlisted the help of my buddy KP for help planning, my buddy Nancy for baking (she did all of the cupackes and that delicious cake!), and my buddy ECW for decorations, and I can’t even begin to thank them enough.  I will tell you that we didn’t get a ton of pictures.  It was nice to unplug and to socialize and catch up with people.  My sweet friend Amy did capture a few pictures that I wanted to share here.

P.S. I still get a little choked up over the little poem DG wrote for the beverage table.  He even had W & Giz at the party for a bit, which of course made me insanely happy.

Weekending: The One with a Surprise

Weekending: The One with a Surprise Weekending: The One with a Surprise

And perhaps the biggest surprise of them all was when my dad walked up and surprised me.  In my 20 things I learned post, I mentioned how my mom has battled skin cancer, and she just went through a few rounds over surgery right before and after Christmas.  She had another surgery on Friday before my party, and I wasn’t expecting to see my dad.  But my mom had a good buddy come look after her so that he could come, and while I was already pretty emotional anyway, when someone told me to turn around as my dad was coming up the steps, I lost it.

Weekending: The One with a Surprise

It was a wonderful weekend, full of love, support, laughter, great food, pampering, and Sunday was the day I didn’t put on real clothes.  Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for making me feel special, and to my husband for putting so much thought into the perfect gift of having all my favorite things together for one night.

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And p.s. my look was totally inspired by Lindsey & you can shop my version here:

Also, a major thank you to Paintbase & Salon Blu in North Hills for pampering Angela and me prior to our attendance at the party!  And poor Angela was charged with keeping me busy all day!  She did an excellent job and we had the best time!


7 thoughts on “Weekending: The One with a Surprise

  1. Hannah

    Reading this gets all teary eyed again. Just a sweet gesture from your husband, family, and friends! Having the boys there–be still my heart. Your favorite things and people in one room, no better way to spend a birthday!

  2. Lauren

    love this post so much!! you are the best! So happy that everyone got to celebrate how awesome you are and so sad I wasn’t able to make it. We will have to pop some bubbly and celebrate soon Xoxo

  3. the cape on the corner

    how sweet! happy birthday. my boyfriend planned a surprise 30th for me at our own home, and i was blown away. since we were going to be away for my actual bday we were having a relaxed lunch with immediate family…or so i thought. such great memories you’ll have!

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