What to Do in Halifax County

What to Do in Halifax County

When I made it my mission to start exploring more of North Carolina, with a particular focus on eastern North Carolina, I realized that I should feature the area where I grew up.  I’ve mentioned before that it is an area that is figuratively drying up.  But I feel strongly that the region has a lot to offer, and the county where I’m from definitely has some unique weekend getaway opportunities.  It’s located on Roanoke River and has a  gorgeous canal trail.  At one point, the river was really beneficial in connecting the outlying areas to the interior of eastern North Carolina with transporting crops for sale.  This is evidence as you drive through and look at the architecture of county.

Since most of the towns are small, I thought I’d give a short snapshot of the variety of options that there are in this rural county.  When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time trying to find things to do so this is a mix of old and new favorites.

Scotland Neck

What to Do in Halifax County, North Carolina

DG is fascinated with birds, so I decided to surprise him with a trip to Sylvan Heights Bird Park.  I hadn’t been to Sylvan Heights in years, so I was excited to try it out.  I invited my parents, who live close by, and I think my mom had the most fun feeding these little birds in the Landing Zone.  My favorite part were the accesses to the wetlands, including in this treehouse where we enjoyed spotting other wildlife.  This is definitely an interesting site to check out!

What to Do in Halifax County, North Carolina


What to Do in Halifax County, North Carolina

Halifax has always been one of my favorite places in North Carolina.  When I was growing up, my dad would take me to the Historic Halifax site.  It seemed like we always went on the hottest day of the year and we would go explore these sights.  There was a cute little downtown with a little lunch place, shops, the county courthouse, and a bank.  Over the years, a lot of the businesses closed and the buildings became delapadated.  However, in recent years, a former resident came in and began revitalizing the area, starting with a delicious farm to table restaurant in the Hen & the Hog.  I’ve had both lunch & dinner here and it didn’t disappoint.

The Sally-Billy House in Historic Halifax (image via)

What to Do in Halifax County, North Carolina

Roanoke Rapids/Weldon

(image via)

The Roanoke River was really important for agriculture, but also, for electriciy.  The Roanoke Canal Trail is great for running, biking, or walking your pups, but the Canal Museum is a beautifully restored building with great information about the history of the region.  Also, the canal runs into Weldon, which has a Confederate soldier cemetry on the same stretch as the Riverside Mill.  The Riverside Mill is a converted cotton factory powered by the canal’s electricity, but it it my go-to for antiquing.  There is also a gorgeous aqueduct and other interesting buildings that were instrumental in getting electricity to the area.  I’ll be honest and tell you that I didn’t really appreciate all the beauty that is in the area until I left.

Roanoke Canal  Trail is the world's longest museum - And a beautiful one at that :): image via

What are you favorite things to do in your hometown?

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  1. Hannah

    I haven’t spent much time (if any) in Halifax County, but I have heard of that restaurant and I would love to eat there. Eating is my favorite thing to do in my hometown, BBQ, duh! Have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Lori Vann

    My uncle and family live in Scotland Neck, where he preaches at one of the baptist churches. I love driving through because it is so beautiful (I love all the farmland). The only thing I remember about Roanoke Rapids from driving up & down 95 (I grew up in Richmond) is that my mama always called it “inky stinky roanoke rapids” because of the paper mills.

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