Coffee Talk: May Edition

Coffee Talk: May Edition - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

Good morning & Happy Friday, friends!  I’m coming at you in real time as this week has been an absolute doozy.  I am so grateful to have friends who asked me if everything was okay this week with my radio silence.  It has been an exhausting week getting our house ready to go on the market, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m feeling all the feels.   Here’s a quick coffee talk for May.

Last night, DG and I had a date night at Seasons 52 at Crabtree Valley Mall.  We haven’t had a date night in a couple of weeks because of our schedule.  Our meals were absolutely delicious and our server, Caleb, did an excellent job of recommending dishes and drinks.

Coffee Talk: May Edition - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

lump crab, roasted shrimp, and spinach stuffed mushrooms & artisan cheese fondueCoffee Talk: May Edition - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

wood-grilled filet & wood-grilled pork tenderloin

Coffee Talk: May Edition - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

key lime pie & pecan pie mini desserts

I listened to this podcast by Young House Love and this week’s episode absolutely nailed how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of years regarding our house

The last coffee talk I shared, I was 30 days away from starting grad school.  Well, surprise, my first class begins Monday!  Ek.

This week has been a bit frustrating with my blog & Instagram.  I realized that some of the hashtags I’ve been using are shadow banned and my website hasn’t been showing up in Google because of the way my links have been coded.   Blegh.

Anderson Cooper may just be another spirit animal with that eye roll.

I am so excited about an upcoming collaboration with Ashley & Hotel Henry!  I am obsessed with Ashley’s work & this amazing property.  I am so excited to finally check out the inside (and this travel guide to Buffalo).

I’m heading out for the afternoon to work on a freelance article for the first time in several months!

I hope y’all have a great weekend and I hope to get myself back together in the coming weeks.  Please send positive vibes for a quick sale of our house, and a quick find for our next house.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: May Edition

  1. Hannah

    I’ve always loved Anderson Cooper and that eye roll just deepened it. I don’t know much about shadow banning, but it seems super uncool. You’re going to kill grad school! Been keeping yall in my prayers for a quick sell and an amazing next home (that’s Winston and Gizmo approved of course)

  2. Owen Davis

    Positive vibes for the house situation!! I will definitely be sad when we move, as our tiny home holds so many memories! Good luck in grad school lady!

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