Weekending: The Final Countdown

Good morning, friends, and Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We are in the final countdown to the close of our current house and fingers crossed will close on our new house on Friday as well.

This weekend, my parents came in to town to help me pack.  My mom is a packing machine and really helped me with the kitchen, which, aside from my closet, was the room I was dreading the most.  I recently received my great-grandmother’s China, and I was most nervous about packing that so that it was secure.  We have a few things left to finish up here, but we’ll be ready to move on Thursday regardless.

I was over the moon to be a speaker on a blogger panel at Nourish, an event that my friend Em of The Flourish Market, hosts.  She invited five bloggers to talk about how we started blogging, how we handle negativity in our space, and what our favorite trends are for the season.  I was honored to sit with some of my dearest and most supportive friends and share our stories.  I love being able to talk about how this space transitioned from a place for me to talk about clothes and accessories to the things that I am incredibly passionate about, including eastern North Carolina, public education, voting, and equality for all, to name a few.  Also, I wanted to mention that while dealing with negativity or criicism when putting yourself out there is scary and hurtful at times, if you never open yourself up to criticism, it never gives you room to grow.

After our panel, we learned more about Purpose Jewelry and their mission in helping sex-trafficking victims.  The jewelry is made by women rescued for sex-traffacking and part of the program includes providing these women with education, health care, and counseling, in addition to life skills and opportunities to succeed.  Learn more here.

And I did break for a little fun this weekend.  I am living in this maxi dress from Mint Julep Boutique.  It is so comfortable and the perfect weight for these humid days.  Also, I try to wear either prints or black in the summer since I tend to sweat right on through my clothes.

Stay tuned for a fun collaboration tomorrow with one of my favorite towns in North Carolina!

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