5 Companies to Make Any Move Easier in the Triangle

5 Companies to Make Any Move Easier in the Triangle - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

DG and I had been in conversations about moving for quite a while.  And when I say that we had been in conversation, I mean that I kept telling DG that I wanted to move and he kept telling me that he wasn’t ready.  Listen, our first house was great, but I wasn’t always a huge fan of the neighborhood we lived in or the design of the house.  So, when we decided  to move, we used some of the best companies around to help assist us with our move.  If you’re living in the Triangle and are looking to move, or you are moving here from out of state, these companies received our seal of approval.

Ginger & Company

Ginger and I grew up in the same small town before she moved in middle school.  We reconnected when I moved to Raleigh.  I called her to the house two years ago while DG was at soccer practice to tell me what I needed to know in regards to selling our house.  Bless her heart, she came out and talked to me multiple times before we signed the paperwork to list.  She was always so patient and helpful, but more importantly knowledgable.  We were blown away with her expertise.

She also has a great team of agents who work for her.  Our buying agent, Becky, found our new house for us and texted me at 11:30PM one night while I was in Tampa saying that she had found the one.  She too was patient with DG & me through this process, which if you know anything about DG and me and us trying to agree on something, you’d understand that that basically means Ginger & Becky are saints.

All Aces Carpet Cleaning

The carpet in our house definitely got the love it needed from All Aces Carpet Cleaners.  We used them frequently for a carpet refresh and were always pleased with their service.  What’s more is they have a 30 day policy where they will come back and touch up any spots that may need a little extra TLC.


I’ve raved about Neatso before here, but Neatso was a huge help on a final cleaning.  We had packed all of our cleaning supplies away, so Neatso came in and took care of it for us.  I had mentioned that June was pretty chaotic, so of course I scheduled the move out cleaning on the wrong day, and realized when I was patiently waiting for the cleaner to come and checked the app to see the error on my part.  I called and they got someone out to clean our house within the hour, and I was so appreciative of that.  If you want to try Neatso, use the code: imfixin15 for $15 off a cleaning!

Upwright Moving

We’ve never hired movers until this move, but I will tell you that we will always hire movers from here on out.  We loved having movers to load and unload our stuff.  They even put together our beds and set up our furniture before leaving.

Sue at Tar Heel Mortgage

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Sue is MY favorite.  She is so funny, bad ass, and knows her stuff.  We used her for our first house as well.  Her service is top notch, she makes sure everything is taken care of in a timely fashion, and looks out for her purchaser’s best interest.  DG and I cannot say enough good things about her and how awesome she is to work with on purchasing a house.  It feels like you are signing your life away, but with Sue, she makes the process easy to understand and really takes it personal that you have a good experience.

If you’re in the market in the Triangle, definitely check out these companies for service!  They are our tried and true favorites.

Happy House Hunting!


This post is not sponsored, but was written as a reflection of our positive experience.



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