Coffee Talk: July Edition

Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

Happy Friday, friends!  I’m coming at you real time today after an eventful, emotional week.  It’s time for my monthly coffee talk post and it may be a bit heavy.  I do hope you’ll stick around until the end, but I wanted to give you fair warning.

Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

Saturday, my grandmother passed away after several years of illness.  I have fond memories of her from my childhood, but one of my favorite memories is when she found out I was attending East Carolina University to become a teacher.  My grandmother attended ECU when it was East Carolina Teacher College, and she taught public school for years.  When I decided to attend ECU for history education, much to the disappoint of my great Uncle Doc who was rooting for me to go to NC State, she leaned over and said, “If you want to be a teacher, you may as well go to the best school for it.”  I recently learned that she had an after-school reading program for students who had fallen behind, and it is appropriate that my career is centered around supporting students who have falle behind.  I have been misty eyed about that similarity between she and I since I learned it, and I hope that I make her proud with my choice of career and the passion that I have for my  job and the students I work with on a daily basis.

DG and I cut the cable cord and have been using Hulu and Netflix.  I have been getting into shows that I never watched, like Nashville, and now I’m obsessed.

Speaking of Nashville, DG and I are heading there next month for vacation.  If you have recommendations for food, music venues, things to do, etc., let me know!

Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112 Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112 Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112 Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112 Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

Last night, DG and I checked out the new Unscripted Hotel in Durham.  The mid-century modern decor, the food and drink selection, and the location in downtown Durham are really great.  It’s the perfect spot for happy hour with friends or a fun date night.

The Nordstrom sale opened to the public today.  Here are my picks:

Coffee Talk: July Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

One of my favorite monthly subscriptions is my Bootay Bag delivery.

Have you entered the Gucci bag giveaway?  And here are this week’s posts: weekend recap, a chambray maxi, 5 companies to make a move easier in the Triangle, and my experience at Be Pure Beauty.



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  1. Kristina

    Hey girl- sorry to hear about your grandma 🙁 Hope you’re doing okay and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

    xo, Kristina

  2. Hannah

    I cut the cable chord when I moved back to Gville and I really haven’t regretted it. I love Nashville! I haven’t watched the latest season. I’ve heard it’s intense and I don’t know if I’m ready. Nashville is on my bucket list so I can’t wait to live vicariously through you!

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