Weekending: The Middle of July

Good morning friends, and happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I had some unexpected family news Saturday night that I’ll share with you later this week, but otherwise, I had a nice weekend of relaxing, spending time with friends, and productivity.  Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Wednesday night, I sampled the summer menu at Seasons 52 located in Crabtree Valley Mall with Angela & Courtney.  I loved catching up with these girls and Seasons 52 is really delicious!  Their mini indulgence desserts may be my absolute favorite part of their menu.

shirt // jeans // loafers

Weekending: The Middle of July - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To Weekending: The Middle of July - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To Weekending: The Middle of July - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

DG was out of town for most of the weekend, so I was really surprised when I came home from work to find a dozen roses on our counter.  I asked him when we first started dating to not waste his money on flowers.  These days, I like to stop at the local florist and pick up fresh blooms for our house every Friday.  But I won’t lie and tell you that I thought it was a sweet gesture for him to have these roses for me.  I had dinner with 3 of my best girls at Vivace before heading to Level 7 for girl talk.

Weekending: The Middle of July - @mbg0112 - I'm Fixin' To

And I ended the weekend with running errands, scoring a full length mirror at the local flea market, learning house to use our Roomba and to prevent the boys from attacking it, and submitting grad school work.  I cannot believe I have 2 more weeks left in this grad school class.

How was your weekend?  LInk up up and tell Biana and me all about it.  And P.S. don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a Gucci bag here.


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