10 Bad Beauty Habits I’m Trying to Break

10 Bad Beauty Habits I'm Trying to Break - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We headed to Charlotte Saturday morning to kick off DG’s birthday week celebrations.  We stayed at the Le Meridien Charlotte and went to the Bills v. Panthers game Sunday.  Until yesterday, the only NFL game I had attended was an NFL pre-season game about 8 years ago.  We got back pretty late last night, so I am going to hold off on sharing my weekending post until Friday to just wrap up all of DG’s birthday shenanigans in one post.  Today, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my bad beauty habits I”m currently trying to break.  I stumbled on this post on Bloglovin from Mandy’s blog, and I found myself nodding at all the things she wrote.  Here are my bad beauty habits I’m trying to break.

  • Splurging on products and then not using them (allll the Chanel & YSL lip sticks I have and only use once a month for blog shoots)
  • Not washing my face and/or applying moisturizer consistently each night
  • Having a gazillion make-up products but only using the same 6 products over and over
  • Only relying on manicures and pedicures to moisturize my cuticles and heels
  • Going too long between eye brow waxes
  • Forgetting to reapply sunscreen when at day events in the fall or winter
  • Starting to use products before I’ve finished with my current ones
  • Inconsistently wearing my retainer at nights
  • Forgetting to apply moisturizer after showering
  • Avoiding washing my hair because I don’t have time to dry & style it

What are your bad beauty habits?  Do we have any in common?

P.S. I shared about my most current make up routine here.

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5 thoughts on “10 Bad Beauty Habits I’m Trying to Break

  1. Marie

    I am there with you about having way too many makeup products and always using only a few. I totally need to stay out of Sephora. It’s so dangerous in that store. Great post idea, I may have to borrow it. Happy Monday!

  2. Mary Leigh

    Oh gosh – not washing my hair because I don’t have time to do it. Guilty.
    Forgetting sunscreen for fall/winter day activities. Guilty.
    Using new products before finishing the old. Guilty – but you have to try it, right?!

    What a fun post! I hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. Owen Davis

    I really need to start wearing sunscreen during day events too, I was just thinking about this the other day. I am so OCD about wearing my retainers haha I guess I get it honestly!

  4. Marissa

    I am awful at remembering to wash and moisturize my face every night and I have a bad habit of not using all the makeup that I have either. I really do use about the same 5-7 things! Yet I don’t want to give or throw away any of the things I don’t use!


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