Thanksgiving Gratitude for 2017

Thanksgiving Gratitude for 2017 - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I wanted to take the time today to do my annual gratitude post.  As I reflect on last year, I was nervous about turning 30 this year, nervous about selling our first house, and nervous about my decision to start graduate school.  This year’s gratitude could quite possibly be my most emotional one yet (2015 | 2016).

2017 has been a big year for me.  Turning 30, surrounded by friends and family at my surprise 30th birthday party, really set a positive tone for the year.  When I read my reflections from previous years, I was glad to see I constantly thanked my friends for their love and support, and this year has been no different.

I recently shared on Instagram that I had two rounds of surgery this month.  I am thankful that I have health insurance and that my doctors were able to help me get healthy.  So, this year, I am thankful for good health.

I started graduate school in May, and while it has been a whirlwind already, I love working wiht my undergraduate advisor again and the learning that I am doing is really helping define my work and passion.  I also started a new job in August and am really loving the work that I am doing, my new team, and the learning.  When I was 20, I wrote a goal list, and when I reflect back on some of the items on my goal list, I never imagined the roles that I have recently had in my district were even possible.  Dream big, kids.

My parents, DG, Winston, & Gizmo have been nothing but supportive, helpful, and understanding with the transition of grad school and a new job.  DG found us our new house while I was away for a work trip, and I could not have imagined a more perfect home for us.  DG was out of town a lot while we were preparing to move, and my parents were great with helping pack.  My mama is the packing queen when it comes to packing up a kitchen.  Winston & Gizmo have always been my favorites, and despite Gizmo’s recent separation anxiety and Winston’s getaway plan, they’re still what I look forward to every day.  I love coming home, taking them for a walk, and sitting on our front porch watching the sunset.

I am also really appreciative of you and the opportunities that this space has offered me.  When I started blogging back in 2008 as a Tumblr, I had no idea that I would have created a space to express myself, share my experiences, fashion, recipes, and home decor.  I love that I am able to share about parts of North Carolina.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support!

I hope you have a great day with family and friends, and I hope that you will take time to reflect on the positivity in your life today, too.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you back here on Friday for some of my favorite local products, just in time for Small Business Saturday!




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