Coffee Talk: November 2018 Edition

Happy Friday, my friends!  I am so excited for this weekend and to head back to visit our friends in Winston-Salem!  I am thrilled with all the holiday sites and scenes we’ll be experiencing.  Today, we’ll have our coffee talk: November 2018 edition!  It is hard to believe we only have one more of this series left in 2018.

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With holiday travel right around the corner, be sure to check out this post on how to travel with dogs.  David and I both have one of these hammock car seat covers for our back seats for the boys.  We love it because it keeps them from falling off the back seat and prevents dirt and fur from getting on the seats.  Another favorite as a reward are the pumpkin spice Greenies!  Once we get where we’re going, we always give the boys one of these.  Special thanks to Chewy for showering our boys with these goodies.  P.S. Check out this post on how to travel with dogs.

Did you check out my Thanksgiving Supper Menu?  I am so excited to prepare dinner this year with my parents joining us.  We also ordered a couple of favorites from Poole’s and Beasley’s.  Another Triangle favorite, Jack Tar & the Colonel’s Daughter in Durham, is selling pies for Thanksgiving.

On November 1, I got the itch to start decorating for the holiday season.  I am so excited to decorate our second guest bedroom.  I ordered this duvet for our guest bed and this one for our master bed.  Plus, I picked up these flannel sheets for our new Casper mattress.  I cannot wait to share our holiday home tour with you again, but check out last year’s here.  I am hoping to get this year’s home tour up sooner than I did last year.

David finally decided on a pair of slippers for the cold weather.  Who knew he would be so picky about slippers?  Follow along with my favorite Amazon purchases here.  You can also see David’s fall fashion faves here.

I’m not sure if y’all remember, but last year, we had to order Christmas cards… twice.  That’s because I made not one, but two typos on our original Christmas card order last year.  So, this year, we decided on a picture from our trip to NYC and a picture of the boys from our trip to the Siena (take a guess which one), and I have already ordered AND received them.  I am not even sure who I am anymore.  Let’s be real though, I’ll be a hot mess somewhere else in life this holiday season.  Here’s the design we decided on.  I’ll be sharing our final cards once we mail them on December 1!

This Capri Blue Fir & Firewood Candle is my absolute favorite scent for the holiday season, including Thanksgiving.  Here are a few other fall favorites if you are looking for a hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

Looking to boost your confidence at work?  This article was super timely and helpful.

I wake up in the morning and drink my coffee while listening to The Daily podcast, followed by catching up on my favorite #Twitterstorian.  If you’re interested in understanding more about the history of the United States and some of the events happening these days, check out the #Twitterstorian hashtag.  It’s a game changer.

This weekend, I’m packing these boots to finally wear this season.  I’m not sure how I’ll style them, but I’m excited to bring them with me.

I have been eyeing this coat from afar for a couple of years, and when it was on sale, I snagged it in grey.  It has come in very handy with the cold weather we’ve been experiencing in NC this week.

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