How We Met

I decided a while back to post a two part of how we met and how we got engaged since we’re so close to the wedding (11 days, in case you were wondering).  I was so excited to see Lisa had the same thought about her upcoming anniversary.  Go read her story here.
I’ve mentioned before, but I attended college in Greenville, North Carolina at East Carolina University.  When I graduated, I moved to Raleigh and started teaching.  I was single for about a year and half.  I would go out on dates, but nothing ever too serious.  I reconnected with a friend from college and would occasionally spend time with him, but that’s about it.
As an aside, my parents worked at a high school 3 miles from where I work.  My dad was an assistant principal and my mom worked in the front office.  My parents moved to Raleigh when I was in college for my dad to take the job working with a family friend of ours who was the principal.  At the start of the new school year, I got a text message from our family friend telling me that he had hired this guy who was going to be an art teacher/soccer coach.  He wanted to stage a meeting between the two of us because he thought this new teacher had great style and that we would hit it off.  I told him I wasn’t interested.  I mean… come on.  What’s the mental image you get of an art teacher/soccer coach?
Fastforward to February of the same school year.  The high school I teach at was playing at the high school my dad worked at.  I went to cheer on some of my students and afterwards, my dad, the family friend, and another assistant principal were trying to get me to stay after to meet DG.  He was an assistant coach at that time for the basketball team.  Keep in mind, I still didn’t know what he looked like.  That was a Friday night.
A week later, I was in downtown Raleigh hanging with my buddy KP.  I went to meet up with another girlfriend from college.  We were chatting and she said “Oh, by the way, a guy I work with is coming and bringing one of his friends to meet us.”  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty annoyed.  I thought she was trying to set me up on a double date, and when I told her that, she told me that her friend was married, so the other guy was who she was meeting.  Fine.  I started texting the guy I was friends with from college to see what he was up to that night because we had plans to hang out.
When the two guys walked in, I was totally… totally unimpressed.  They were both wearing soccer shirts and jackets.  I introduced myself, but I’m not gonna lie, I was completely uninterested.  I was texting on my phone and generally detached from the conversation.  DG came up to me and started chatting.  It was my first year of coaching soccer and tryouts started the following Monday, so he was asking me about that.  He mentioned that he coached soccer at a high school.  I decided to entertain his conversation starter, so I asked what school he coached at.  When he told me the school, which was the same school as my parents, I was confused.  I knew the soccer coach there and had forgetten they had hired someone new.  So, I asked if he taught there.  He told me he taught art there.
Y’all, the dots connected instantly.  I asked him if he was DG and then said “Funny story, your principal has been trying to set me up with you since he hired you in August.”  DG told me that no one had ever mentioned it to him.  I said, “Yeah, because I wasn’t interested.”  And, literally the rest is history.  We’ve been together ever since.
P.S. remember how I said above I was seeting that guy from college?  Well, I did go and meet up with him.  And I brought DG, his friend, and my friend along as well.  I introduced DG to my college friend and that was the last time I saw him until I ran into him last summer at a concert.
I have to tell you that I always judged those “when you know, you know” stories.  However, that’s exactly what happened with DG and me.  And honestly, this is my favorite story to tell.
What’s your story?
Stay tuned Thursday for our proposal story.

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