First Anniversary Gifts

DG and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in 10 days and I’m on the hunt for gift ideas for him.  Our big gift is that we’ll be in Charleston on a little getaway, but I want to get something for him to open.  

Following tradition, first anniversary gifts are paper, but modern gifts are clocks.  Since I got him a watch for Christmas, I’m definitely leaning towards paper.  

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas using both traditional and modern.

1st Anniversary Gifts

If you have not seen the news from Charleston, please read here.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Charleston after last night’s tragic events.


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9 thoughts on “First Anniversary Gifts

  1. Jenn

    Great ideas!! I got MG and I tickets to see Book of Mormon which is coming up next month! I felt like it was something fun that we could do together, he's been wanting to see it (and me too) and an added bonus that the gift for first year anniversary is supposed to be paper.

  2. Julie

    I'm located in St. Louis and we got breaking news with the news happening in Charleston. Its sad to hear about it. Good luck with getting an anniversary gift, we're about to hit 4 years in July and its fruit & appliances so it will be just as interesting for us, ha!

    Stopping by from the Link up!

  3. Owen Ross Davis

    I got Garrett a really nice watch for a wedding gift, which then got stolen out of his suitcase in route to our honeymoon. THE WORST. So I got him the same watch for our 1st anni. He was so excited because he never would have spent that much on a gift for himself.

  4. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    Very nice ideas! I don't remember what I got for Chris for our first anniversary. How bad is that?! Haha. We met on and he had our profiles professionally framed and that was his gift to me. 🙂

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