Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

There are two components to this post.  The first are some of my favorite items from Stylish Living that I helped pick out when we went to Market.  The second selection is just a random assortment of goodies.
shower bomb // odor eliminator (not available online) // art block // soap // poo pourri
Some of these picks could double as really great stocking stuffers for men.
Untitled #47

And here are some picks I’m leaning towards for DG’s big gift this year.  Having authentic Buffalo wings shipped from Duff’s may be the best Christmas gift that I could give him.
What are your favorite gifts to give men?

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

  1. BLovedBoston

    Slippers are always a good idea! I did a hot sauce of the month club (6 month membership) one year and Gary loved it!! Also anything face related he likes because he doesn't buy it for himself!! Great ideas! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Candace Shiflet

    More people need to write posts like this!! haha 🙂 For reals, shopping for Jason is SO hard. I keep asking him what he wants for Christmas and he always says "nothing" HOW DO I WORK WITH THAT ANSWER?!!! haha so thank you for lending your assistance for ideas 🙂 He would pee his pants if I got that water bottle, he LOVES everything wood!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

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