2016 Goals: How I Did

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Today is one of my favorite blog posts each year because I get to reflect on how I did over the course of the year.  In recent years, I’ve been setting fewer goals, but I feel they are more important than ever.  Here are my 6 goals from last year with a reflection of how I did.

Say No

Y’all, this is always my biggest struggle.  I have major FOMO, but also, I just don’t like disappointing people.  I thought I was doing better by focusing on what I wanted to do, and taking on less responsibilities so I could focus on things.  However, I started teaching online, and somehow ended up with several classes instead of just one.  I was running on empty for a while, and I wasn’t at all shocked that I ended up as sick as I was a couple of weeks ago.   What are your tips for saying no?  Or taking on less?  I haven’t been successful with this goal the past two years.

Work Out & Eat Healthier

It’s no secret I love to eat.  I realized this year that I can eat the things I’d like in moderation, but I also need to exercise regularly.  I was never able to fully commit to running and kept trying to make myself a runner, but I don’t like running.  So, I started doing Pure Barre in June and I have been consistently going since.  This is huge because I am notorious for joining gyms and never attending.  I would say that this was a huge success for me.

Focus on Home Improvement Projects

We stil need a new front door, but we made some strides in our bathroom.  Check out the post here.

Continue to Grow Champagne & Suburbs

This is the one I’m most proud of this year.  I accomplished a lot of the goals I set for myself, including publishing freelance articles.  I had two articles published in a magazine and three published in an online publication.  While I appreciate the opportunities that Champagne & Suburbs provided me, rebranding to I’m Fixin’ To really inspired me.  I love what I’m writing about and the vision I had for this space has really worked for my passions.

Travel Europe.  Or travel in general.

Well, y’all.  2016 was another year where we didn’t get to Europe.  Our dang A/C unit went out in the spring, and we had to buy an entirely new HVAC unit.  This was frustrating and drained our travel funds.  However, I’d like to think I made the most of traveling whenever I could around North Carolina, and the southeast.  I visited Louisville, which was awesome, got back to Charleston for #TBSCon, and DG and I took some nice little trips.  Also, my dad planned an awesome day trip to Windsor, NC.  So, it wasn’t Europe… but I had some great opportunities.

Drink more water.

I gave up drinking soda on 12/18/15 & I haven’t looked back since.  This went along nicely with the eating healthy & exercising more.  I feel better, lighter, and more energetic than I did when I was drinking soda.  I do love La Croix, which gets me my carbonation fix.

How did you do on your goals for 2016?  Stay tuned Monday for my goals for 2017!  I hope you enjoy your NYE no matter what your celebration is.  Ours will be low key, just the way we like it these days.

Happy Friday!


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10 thoughts on “2016 Goals: How I Did

  1. Karly

    It looks like you did great on your goals! Saying I always is a hard one. And, bummer about Europe! But hopefully you’ll get there soon enough. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Kate at Green Fashionista

    It’s so hard for me to say no too, definitely a goal to improve on in 2017 for me! Sorry you didn’t get to Europe, sending some crossing the pond fairy dust your way for the next year, and yay for barre classes. I can’t rave enough about my past year at the Bar Method. Such an amazing workout! Cheers to another great year <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Owen Davis

    You go girl! You’re doing so many great things and I can’t wait to see where 2017 takes it. Isn’t it frustrating when bills drain all your “fun” savings? Ugh tell me about it! Here’s to 2017!!

  4. Danielle Davis

    So proud of you for sticking to your no soda rule for over a year now!! You’ve accomplished a lot in 2016 and I’m certain 2017 will not be any different! Cheers!

  5. Shannon Jenkins

    Our goals are so similar for 2017! I definitely need to start working out more and eating healthier! And we have a lot of home projecting coming up!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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