My Goals for My 30s

My Goals for My 30s

Well, the day is here.  I have had moments where I’ve dreaded this day, and moments where I’ve been over-the-moon excited.  Since the New Year, I’ve just been reflective of my 20s.  It was interesting to reflect on a decade where I had some incredible highs, but also the lowest of lows.  Did you catch yesterday’s post about what I learned in my last decade? I am grateful for life experiences I had that taught me a lot about myself and shaped my world views.  So, today, I’m excited for what a new decade has to offer.  Here are my goals for my 30s.

My Goals for My 30s

For starters, did you make a 30 before 30 list?  In my infinite wisdom and impatience, I decided to make a list in June of 2015.  This gave me roughly a year and a half to complete my goals, which looking back, some were overly ambitious or not attainable at all.  So, in the spirit of not giving up on something I started, I’m continuing with those goals listed here.

My Goals for My 30s

I also reflected on what my goals were in my 20s.  As I changed, so did my goals and my focus.  Things that I wanted when I was 19/20 were not things I cared about when I was 25.  So, I’m done with super specific goals for this next decade.  I’m all about goals that can be fluid and evolve as I do.

My Goals for My 30s

So, in addition to finishing my 30 before 30 list, I want to focus on:

  1. More patience
  2. More experiences
  3. Less “stuff”
  4. More balance
  5. Less explaining
    My Goals for My 30s


So, there you have it.  There’s something about a fresh start that makes me feel excited, but also a little anxious.   What were your goals for your next decade?  Thanks so much for following along here.  I really appreciate all your love and support over the years and I’m excited to have you here as I continue to explore my passions on I’m Fixin’ To.

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