Coffee Talk: January 2018 Edition

Good morning and happy Friday, friends!  I am so excited to be here with you for a coffee talk on this Friday morning.  It’s the first one for 2018, and I have had a lot of thoughts swirling around in my brain recently.  It is hard to believe we are over halfway through the month of January.  I feel like I am still trying to establish my goals and vision for 2018 and boom, we are almost in the second month already.  So, here we go for the January 2018 edition of coffee talk!

I recently got eyelash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio in Waverly Place and I must say, I am obsessed.  The initial process took approximately 2 hours for me, but I love the way my eyelashes look and that I do not have to wear mascara right now.  I am normally pretty minimal on my make up anyway, but I feel my eyelashes have made me look a bit more put together.  I have been impressed with the meticulous application and how well they have lasted.

Coffee Talk: January 2018 Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112 Coffee Talk: January 2018 Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

North Carolina got another round of snow on Wednesday.  I loved waking up and crossing some things off my to do list while waiting for the snow to start.  Also, my newest favorite obsession is this Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s.  I kept seeing it on my friend Shelby‘s Instastories, and now I understand why.  It is delicious!

I am really needing some design inspiration for our master bedroom.  I am thinking something along the lines of the inspiration photo below.  What do you think?

Why This Room Works: Farmhouse Bedroom

Image via

I must say, after three days of snow, I started to get cabin fever, but I loved the way our house looked in the snow.

Coffee Talk: January 2018 Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

I’ve mentioned this coat before, but it was the best purchase I made three years ago when I realized I didn’t have a coat warm enough for winter temperatures in NC.

Coffee Talk: January 2018 Edition - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112You may notice some growing pains here with my photography over the next couple of weeks.  DG is learning how to take my photos for I’m Fixin’ To and it has been a learning curve for both of us.

Did you catch my post with the best homemade pizza recipes earlier this week?  DG has been cooking up a storm, and his homemade pizzas are maybe my favorite.  Is this something you’d like to see more of on I’m Fixin’ To this year?

Alright, I took a quick break from grad school to pop over here.  I am so happy to have you here and I am so excited for this year on I’m Fixin’ To!

Enjoy your weekend!