14 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

14 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day - I'm Fixin' To - @mbg0112

I always hate admitting this, but DG and I technically started dating on Valentine’s Day.  We met on February 12, he asked me to be his Valentine on the 14th, and we have been together ever since. Seeing as how I like to still celebrate our dating anniversary, I wanted to share some of our favorite date ideas for Valentine’s.  While I enjoy going out to dinner, I also do not love crowds and traffic, so we like to do some of our date nights at home.  Be sure to follow check out my Instagram to see how we celebrate our 7th year together on Valentine’s Day! Here are 14 of our favorite date ideas for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Have a movie night with popcorn and a theme (Denzel marathon, anyone?)
  2. Turn your phone off & sit by the fire without technology to catch up and chat.
  3. Have a game night (our favorites include scattergories, Cards Against Humanity, and my favorite, Clue)
  4. Go on a hike/walk/run (if you’re local to the Triangle, we love the Womble Park, Bass Lake Park, Oakwood, and the Tobacco Trail).
  5. Find your favorite food truck and get take out (Triangle Favorites: Chick-N-Que, American Meltdown, Buoy Bowls, Cousin’s Maine Lobster, Porchetta, or use Street Food Finder to find a new one)!
  6. Watch a sunset (our favorite spot is from our front porch, but taking a drive to a nearby lake watch… with Sonic cheese tots)
  7. Pedal Boating (local to Raleigh?  Head to Pullen Park)
  8. Visit the North Carolina Museum of Art for a tour and a glass of wine at Iris
  9. Dinner at your favorite spot (Here are some of my favorites in NC if you want to try somewhere new).
  10. Head to an arcade (Boxcar is a great option in Raleigh)!
  11. Try a new brewery (Favorites in the Triangle: Trophy, Bombshell, Ponysaurus, Fullsteam, Gizmo)
  12. Grab an ice cream cone (Treat is the best)!
  13. Try a new rooftop bar (Level7 is a crowd pleaser, you can see more here).
  14. Cook dinner together (homemade pizzas are our current favorite)

What are you favorite date night ideas for Valentine’s Day?



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